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Hello friends of The Corner,


These are difficult times we live. Now comes the season when we must do what we can to keep ourselves safe. For the winter season we are thinking about how we can serve our clients and limit exposure for them and ourselves.


We’d like to offer Winter lock down rates for those who wish to stay in the Pavillon for more than 1 month. By doing this we can limit the number of people in the building and thus our overall exposure to illness.


You can reserve a semi-private bed in our new hostel for a price of 375 per month. This price includes all taxes, utilities and equipment, including a fully equipped kitchen and complimentary washer and dryer for your laundry needs.


This offer is available from November 1st through March 31st.


Pack a bag and reserve a place to get out of your busy town for some beautiful winter solace with a few other like-minded guests where you can play cards, watch a movie together, play indoor petanque in our grand hall, or just chat by the fire. Limit your time with others as we all enjoy less exposure but continue to enjoy the company of a select few.


Please give me a call to discuss your winter vacation with us for a change of pace, scenery, and overall safety. We are booking on a first come, first serve because of the limited space available. 


Raphael, The Corner.

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